There are fitters and there are Installation Squad fitters. Installation Squad has many company policies in place to ensure we provide our clients with the very best fitters and installation specialists for their job. Working closely with customers as well as staff we strive to establish a good working relationship and pride ourselves on this. With checks and work reviews carried out on a regular basis we can guarantee a high-level quality of work as well as quickly solving any discrepancies on the rare occasion they should arise.


Installation Squad fitters are experienced and qualified for the tasks that they are assigned to. We also set rules for the general fitter specification to guarantee a quality standard to our clients.

  • Fitters must hold at least one major listed certificate: IPAF / PASMA / CSCS / IRATA.
  • Fitters must have at least 2 years of documented fitting / installing experience.
  • Fitters must look presentable at all times and have good personal hygiene.
  • Fitters must be polite and courteous at all times. No swearing or offensive behaviour on site.
  • Fitters must be prompt and reliable. Good timekeeping and hard working.
  • Fitters must carry ID at all times and must be able to present documents when asked.
  • Fitters must follow instructions of the site foreman closely and accurately.
  • Installation Squad have a No Alcohol Policy. Random tests will be made on site.
  • Fitters must adhere to company dress code.
  • Fitters must not directly communicate with clients regarding work/employment. Doing so may result in instant dismissal and possible legal action against both the fitter and the client.
  • Fitters must report back to Installation Squad if they are directly approached by a client regarding work/employment.
  • For full details on Fitter / Installer Policies please see: Recruitment Terms & Conditions



Installation Squad understands that our clients cannot always visit the work site during or even after the job is finished but we will give them as much information about the job progress as we can. Worksheets and photographs of the completed job will be sent to you via email or your client area within 24 hours.

  • Photographs / Diagrams of completed work will be sent to the client within 24 hours.
  • Any problems or errors will be reported immediately and await orders / changes.
  • All workers will report directly to the site foreman on arrival and on leaving the site.
  • All work will be completed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • The work site will be kept tidy during work and on completion (with site cleanup if applicable).
  • Periodic site checks and reports will be made to ensure maximum work quality and fitter standards.



Installation Squad tries its best to make all jobs go as smoothly as humanly possible, but another large part of the picture is the client / customer. It is sometimes necessary to put guidelines in place for the customer to follow to ensure everything goes to plan and everyone is kept well informed about the job in hand.

  • All job diagrams and drawings should be submitted before the work start date where possible.
  • Any specification changes should be mentioned and confirmed by us.
  • A contact name and number for the site foreman should be provided.
  • If working on a large site an area map is compulsory to avoid any time-wasting.
  • Please make sure the site is ready for work so that our fitters are able to complete the job.
  • Any materials not delivered to our drop locations would need to be ready and waiting on site.
  • Any delays or cancellations due to insufficient access, information, materials or site safety issues will be chargeable, and additional chargeable days may be required to complete the contracted task.
  • Clients must not directly communicate with fitters regarding work / employment. Doing so may result in contract cancellation and possible legal action. All work requirements can only be discussed directly with
  • Installation Squad via the website, main phone number or email address.
  • Clients must report back to Installation Squad if they are directly approached by a fitter regarding work / employment.
  • For additional Client / Customer Policies please see: Use Of Service Terms & Conditions



As well as the skills our fitters possess we make sure our fitters look professional at all times. Our company ethic is professionalism and worker image is extremely important to us.

  • Fitters are dressed in clean, tidy clothing at all times.
  • Fitters will wear Installation Squad branded hi-vis jackets at all times on site.
  • Fitters will keep a tidy well-groomed appearance, including hair and facial hair.
  • Fitters will wear Steel Toe Cap Boots. No trainers or shoes will be worn on site.
  • Unbranded uniform can be worn / requested if stated in site rules or if subcontracting.

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